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Process Automation And Digitalization

Process Automation systems of the future will empower industries to complete in a fast changing world by delivering adaptable, reliable, integrated modular and secure Automation.
The framed system will be flexible, simpler for faster project engineering execution and commissioning.
We offer complete project management like pre engineering, software and hardware engineering full fledged programing and customising installation and commissioning after sales service for life of the he installed control system.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Automation and software solutions enable factories around the world to lead in safety, productivity and energy efficient. Our experts have helped the food and beverage industry in design and implement such solutions that are built around making it most effective use of technology in a manner that is sustainable and aligned to the broader business strategy.
Segments we serve :

  • Dairy
  • Brewery
  • Distillery
  • Sugar

Energy & Power Solution

We offers a complete range of Automation applications for the energy industry with in-depth experience of deploying Siemens PLC / DCS based Automation solutions.
We also serve :

  • Coal Handling
  • Heaters & Burners
  • Flue Gas Treatment
  • Water- Steam Loop
  • Steam Generation
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
  • Generator and Grid Feeding
  • Boiler and Steam Turbine Plant

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

We have gained a thorough understanding of customer requirements, which combined with our expertise in new technology led us to develop the leading Automation system in the chemical industry with the features offered by PLCs or DCSs. We serve with safe and optimised Automation of chemical and Pharma process in the following segments :

  • Agricultural chemicals manufacturing solutions
  • Consumer chemicals manufacturing solutions
  • Sealants manufacturing solutions – Glues, Adhesives and other sealants
  • Industrial gases manufacturing solutions – Services for air separation, oxygen, hydrogen, acetylene and carbon dioxide plants
  • Lubricants and greases manufacturing solutions
  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical

Water Solution

Complex Automation and control solutions for all types of water processes:

  • Desalination
  • Water pumping
  • Distribution irrigation
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Waterways and coastal protection.

Steel Industry

Steel plants need integrated process and electrical control systems that provide plant-wide efficiency and maximum productivity. Also require huge amounts of electrical energy, optimized power conversion systems and well-engineered power utility interfaces are essential for maximum energy efficiency and power quality.

Cement Plant

Seekers Automation Private limited, draws on its extensive cement industry knowledge to select the best drives and PLCs to increase the throughput, reliability and energy efficiency of your operations. Cement manufacturers need integrated process control systems that can improve plant-wide efficiency and productivity.